Buy Swimming With Autism


Now you can get the definitive manual for swim instructors, teachers and parents.




Chapters include:

Why Teach a Person with Autism to Swim?

What is Autism?
Different Ways of Communication
Instructional Strategies
Swimming Skills and Techniques
Behavioral Strategies
What to do When
Other Aquatic Activities
This is Why we do What we do
I have been a swimmer my whole life, and it was great to learn new and fresh techniques and also reassuring that I am still teaching correctly! Thanks again for the great book! – Annie
I enjoyed seeing in print many of the strategies we have been using in the past 11 years I have been director of our special needs swim program!  I was happy to learn some new ones as well.  I have recommended it to all of my volunteers to read. – Chris
Thank you.  I am a professor that specializes in autism and we just started a program at my College for teaching children with autism to swim.  Each child will have a 1:1 instructor so we are looking forward to having the book and sharing your methods with the College students. – Susan